Devon – a first for me

I just love visiting new places…..

Over the past few years, i have been lucky enough to visit new & exciting places around the world, from Tokyo (that is a flight i want to forget, and to be fair, with the amount of fizz i consumed, i pretty much did) to Miami.

But i seem to forget, there are so many beautiful places right here, in the UK, and all reachable by car or train. Although i have lived in London for 5 years now, i still have so much down here i want to see (can you believe i have never been to Brighton, i know!) . But lucky me, i have a boyfriend with a family home in Devon, so last weekend we packed our bags, jumped in the car, put the music on, and made our way…..

photo (8)

I have only ever been surfing once, and really wanted to give it another go, but with a weekend of sun and calm, sadly no waves on offer, so instead we drove to Branscombe, and after making our way along narrow roads and hills, we ended up at a shingle beach (no sand, but lots of lovely pebbles). The plan was a long walk to the next village, then back for a swim, so off we set, making our way up the cliff to get to Beer (a gorgeous little village East of Branscombe).

Making our way to Beer from Branscombe



Entering Beer, a pretty little coastal village, we stopped for a glass of vino and got to listen to some live music (a man on a guitar offering a mix of rolling stones amongst other things), and then made our way to the beach for crab sandwiches. Yum!


DSC_0507 DSC_0506

After having a little wander around the village, we made our way back to Branscombe – it was much easier making our way back (even Rosie & Monty will agree), and after alot of walking, it was time to cool off in the sea (which i would like to add, was freezing!!)





After a lovely day on the beach, playing in the (freezing) water, trying to rescue the ball from a naughty dog, stone tower building competitions, and sunshine resting, we made our way back home…

So no excuses, time to start exploring the South that little bit more..perhaps Brighton should be next on the list


Bye bye x


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