City of Water

Now this is a little bit of a belated post, but with the blog only being days old, it’s allowed right? (In fact, I will make my apologies now, there may be a few of these coming up)

Earlier this year I got to experience the beautiful Venice. Up until this point, thanks to the likes of ‘The Tourist’ and ‘The Three Musketeers’, I had visions of how Venice would be, and boy did it meet my expectations! I’d only really imagined lots of water, windy streets, bridges and men on gondolas (this pretty much sums it up, plus much much more).

Stepping off the plane, we made our way to the dock area to get a taxi, but not just any taxi, a water taxi, and not just any water taxi; we had our very own boat that whisked us off to our hotel. I was a little excited to say the least!


The boat took us right to our hotel door, what more could you ask for? The hotel was beautiful, a real Venetian hotel, and our room exceeded all expectations (I was a lucky lady and J had booked the best room in the house, we had the top floor to ourselves which was a real treat).



Venice is made up of lots of little bits of land, all connected by bridges over lots of canals, so as you can imagine, a lot of walking. off we set, ready to see what Venice had to offer…..


Making our way around lots of little streets and bridges, I was surprised at how quiet it was, especially with the mass of tourists. Looking up at all the buildings, you forget that this is actually home to people too, but this was made obvious by the washing hanging out of the windows, and peeping through slightly open doors at families sitting, eating and laughing together. Although a tourist heavy destination, I never felt it was like this.




Making our way through the windy streets, we hit St Marks square (or if you want to be authentic Piazza San Marco, but say it in an Italian accent, sounds much better), this is where you will find the church of St Mark and the clock tower, as well as lots of restaurants and bars. For people watching these places are good to visit, but you do pay over the odds. I much preferred going to the little places off the beaten tracks.




Wandering round in the evening was just as fun, with little bars, restaurants and people around, it was hard to decide where to eat. My weekend diet was mainly pizza and pasta, and an excessive amount of wine (I’m not complaining). I also tried a new orange drink that is very popular with the locals. The first one, I wasn’t sure, but after the second and third, it was pretty tasty (a wine based cocktail).


You could visit two other islands by boat, Murano and Burano Island. We opted for Murano, an island famous for glass making. We hopped on a little boat and made our way, after 10 – 15 minutes we jumped off and set off ready to explore. You could tell it was a glass making island, as shop after shop offered lots of glass gifts (I really do wonder how they sell it all!). Sadly we didn’t get to see any glass making in action, but you can do this if you research the times/days before hand. We walked all the way down one side of the water, and back up the other, it was such a cute little island.





Now we couldn’t go all the way to Venice and not go on a gondola could we? Nope. So we did just that. It’s hard to pick the gondola (as there are many on offer), so I went for the fanciest looking one. With our driver (this is probably the wrong name, but I am going to go with it), we made our way around the canals. “Aren’t they supposed to sing” I asked, perhaps a little too loudly, and he did just that!




So to sum it up, I highly recommend a visit to Venice, you will love it. My weekend was full of pizza/pasta eating, walking round little streets and over bridges, 3 hour lunches (with copious amounts of wine) people watching and never getting bored of the architecture on offer.


I can’t wait to go back


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