The City That Never Sleeps

I’m in love, you could say obsessed, have been since we first met in 2005. We don’t see each other as much as I’d like, in fact it had been about 3 years since the last time, so May this year was a very exciting time for me, we got to meet again!

Ok ok, so I am not talking about a real person (don’t worry J), I’m talking about New York City, ‘The city that never sleeps’, ‘The capital of the world’, ‘The city so nice they named it twice’…..


I have been to NYC quite a few times now, the first being a family trip when I was at University, I spent sometime over there interning and working after Uni, and the last time (before my May trip), with a group of girl friends, the global reunion we liked to call it, with a few of us not having seen each other for a while, and one friend flying in from Canada.4427_214103725003_3360881_n

This year I went back with my friend Anna (I think I have competition, as I’m pretty sure she is in love too).

I plan to do a post on my interning days there …how I got the jobs, the planning behind it, and most importantly the tales to tell (some I think are best not to be shared, but who knows) – certainly a time not to be forgotten.

Back to my latest trip to the city…

Anna is a fellow SW6 lady, originating from the North. I always thought I led a pretty busy life, with holidays here and there, eating out far more than I should, and as my mum tells me, drinking more wine than needed….but Anna, she is even busier.

I love our coffee catch ups (ok, when I say coffee, I may mean wine), as they are beyond a normal catch up, they are basically me sitting wide eyed, listening to Anna’s amazing tales of the weekend or the fact she is jetting off to the mountains in Spain for the weekend (this happened last week). But one particular coffee date we both decided we wanted a trip, and as they say, great minds think alike, we both came up with NYC. So within a week it was booked, Ganservoort Meatpacking – check, 2 x flights – check. NYC watch out, Anna & Ruthy are coming.

At the end of May we packed our bags, had some pre fizz & boarded our flight ready for our adventure.



We dropped our bags, freshened up, had some fizz and ventured straight up to the roof top bar. The Gansevoort is a lovely hotel based in the Meatpacking district; you can spot it from a distance, with its purple gleaming roof. There is always a hustle and bustle of people outside, enjoying drinks, eating or waiting to go in and head up to the pent house bar (they also have another hotel on Park Avenue).



After a night of dancing, drinking and giggling, no cab’s for us, we got the lift a few floors down, ready to get as best a sleep we could in preparation for the next day.

Jumping out of bed with excitement, putting the radio on full blast, we got ready and headed out for what we needed, a diner breakfast. I had the works, bacon, potatoes, toast, bottomless coffee, and Anna opted for the French bread with maple syrup.


We headed to DUMBO (District Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass). It is a short subway ride from Manhattan, based in Brooklyn, but such a great little place, the views are beautiful.




Whilst in the City, I really wanted to show Anna the street I lived on in Spanish Harlem, so on one of the days, we did just that. En route up to 118th street, we made coffee stops, did a bit of window shopping, but the most exciting of all was discovering some vintage designer stores! It was heaven, surrounded by vintage Chanel….i don’t know how we did it, but we didn’t buy a thing!


Spanish Harlem is somewhere you probably wouldn’t think to go, but I really like it, my experience of it being friendly people, street sellers, music, random shops and the best shop of all, the cake shop! (I will save the detail for a future post, but you can pick up a coffee and doughnut for about $1.50). Coffee and a custard doughnut..mmmmm



On our final full day there, the sun was shining, so we visited ‘The Highline’. It is basically a recycled railway line which is now an urban park that runs for a mile along the lower west side (sadly i didn’t get great pictures here). It was then time to hit the roof top pool.




photo (42)

We decided to head to central park later that day, but maybe got side tracked into cocktails! Oops, but they were totally worth it!



We had such a fun time away, lots of dancing, cocktails, food and exploring i will never get sick of the place.


3It is the norm to pass a pet shop with puppies in the window, who could resist going in! I always feel really sad when I see them, as they are all lined up in little cages with clear windows for all us humans to ooh and ahhh at. I did speak to someone who worked there, and he explained they let them out and the puppies are rarely there long (which i really really hope is true). He even let me have a play and a cuddle with this little cutey, a little dapple dachshund puppy.


I got to meet up with a friend who is from the same home town, which was lovely. He is a super talented menswear designer and now works for Ralph Lauren. Amazing right!

photo (33)

Yet again, New York, you did not let me down, I love you as much as the day I met you, if not more.

photo (36)

(I have so much to tell on this city, from the fun, scary, crazy and down right weird tales…..i best get working on this post, could take some time)



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