‘Old enough to know better, but still young enough to do it anyway….’

I of course love every weekend, who doesn’t? Goodbye painful early mornings, being woken up by that harrowing iphone alarm noise. Hello to big fat lie ins.

This weekend was even better, as it was my birthday weekend.

The weekend started on Friday evening, meeting J from work and going for dinner & wine at the lovely B-Soho, in, you guessed it…Soho. I just love this part of London, It offers a mix of people and lots of little streets with an array of shops, bars and places to eat.

I have never been to this particular restaurant/bar, but I have read about it, and was keen to try it out. I just love pizza, so it was a perfect choice.

I opted for the ‘Don Rocca’ – Mozzarella, tomatoes, rocket and Parma ham, and we had a bargain bottle of house white wine for £10! It was a lovely little place, and I would recommend a visit if you are in the area.


Once we had filled our bellies with food & head with wine, we headed to Euston to catch our train to Manchester, but on the way, being the sweet addict I am, I managed to spend £10 on pick & mix. A quick visit to M&S, I picked up 2 G&T’s for the journey (may I add that G&T from a can is nothing like the real thing, but after a couple of gulps, it is passable).


After 2 hours of G&T’s, tummy ache from too many sweets, chocolate, iphone pub quiz and who wants to be a millionaire, we made it to Manchester ready for the rest of the birthday fun to begin….

Saturday saw us head to Albert’s Shed in Didsbury, I have only been for drinks on a Friday evening, so I was looking forward to a lovely lunch with some of my favourite people. I opted for fish & chips (it was delicious), I got J to snap his, he had monkfish & scallop curry.




Everyone seemed to enjoy their food, with some of us going for the bargain offer they have on a Saturday, £10.95 for 2 courses! The food was good quality, and the staff super friendly, all in all a great first time trip to Albert’s and I will look forward to going back.

After having a wonderful birthday lunch with my family & one of my bestest, we made our way to the Manchester City Center. It seems a bunny decided he wanted to pop into Manchester too!


I spent 5 great years living in Manchester, so know it quite well, but J hadn’t really been before. We wandered around the busy streets of shoppers and visitors, the city has a lot of character and characters….




With a big evening ahead, we got our glad rags on and headed out. At this point, I had no idea where I was actually going, not only was the venue a lovely surprise, but the whole mystery and organising that had gone into it. Turning up to big smiles from all my fantastic friends was the best feeling. I was instantly handed a glass of bubbles and eventually sat down to be presented with an abundance of presents and cards.


With a huge smile on my face, and feeling very loved, we made our way to Dough for pizza time. It was my first time here, but I liked the fact it had such a varied menu and catered for large groups. It didn’t disappoint, my pulled pork pizza is probably the best pizza I have had! (And I have had a lot of pizzas).




Once again, lots of little surprises awaited me…..


I felt this really accentuated my eyes, same for Kev too….



After filling out tummies, it was time to head out into the city and dance the night away, which we successfully did. I even went home with a reminder of the evening….



I even woke up to a reminder from the evening….


Such a lucky lady, with an array of wonderful gifts.

J decided to remind me I am older than him with this….(luckily he got me a beautiful bracelet too, but i secretly quite like this t-shirt!)

Not sure where he got it from, but found similar here



I love this film and now I have my very own Mike to cuddle…


My friends know me so well!


Wonder ground Limbo here i come (my creative friend made this ticket! I thought it was a real one). You can find out more and book tickets here


You can get these bad boys here



I had the best birthday! I am a very lucky lady to have all the people I do in my life


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