Dog and Bone – Ben’s Canteen

I just love ribs, especially when they are covered in a mass of BBQ sauce and accompanied by slaw. The only tools you really need? Your hands (and a bunch of napkins). A gloriously messy meal.

It was dog and bone night at Ben’s Canteen last night, they have it every Wednesday. I haven’t been for a few months, so I was very happy to see they had gone bigger and better. I wasn’t exactly sure what they meant by this (I knew it would be good with the words ‘bigger’ and ‘better’), but when my meal arrived I soon realised.

bens 3

The portion was huge – 2 slabs of ribs, a mound of coleslaw, and something new, 3 mini corn on the cobs with a hint of garlic – all for £13!

I really enjoyed the ribs, the meat fell off the bone and was really tasty, (more of a personal preference, but it would’ve been nice to have a smothering of BBQ sauce, or a little dish of sauce on the side). The corn was really tasty, with a hint of garlic and the slaw had a nice kick to it too.

J went for the hot dog, a pork and apple dog, covered in onions and jalapeno’s. He seemed to enjoy it, as it disappeared pretty quickly…..before he moved on to help me with the ribs.

hot dog

Having eyes bigger than my belly, we both ordered a side of skin on fries too, but this was way too much, one would’ve been plenty.

I stuck with a glass of wine, but they do have a tasty cocktail menu (and on a Tuesday they have 2-4-1)

bens 2

inside bens

bens canteen 2

Picture taken from their website

I really love Ben’s Canteen; It is a cave of warmth and vibrancy that I always look forward to going back to. I’m already looking forward to the next rib night…….


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