Welcome to my (iphone) world – part 1

4,252 – this is the number of photo’s I have taken on my iphone.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love taking pictures, infact you could call me snap happy (and proud of it). But I’m not sure how I’ve managed to accumulate over 4000 photographs on my phone, without removing them.

It has however, provided me with some fun and memories….

My beautiful bicycle Tallulah-bell. I had wanted a bicycle for so long, and then I found her. I initially wanted a Pashley, but with a pretty hefty price tag, I couldn’t justify it. Instead I found her on the made website. They don’t have my model on the site right now, but I found this and you can find similar online.

She is a little (well actually a lot) neglected. I seem to have a fear of the road (slight issue in London). The plan is to build up more courage and start using her again soon.


I missed it this year as I was in Ibiza, but this is a from last years Notting Hill Carnival. After a fun day, making my way home, I came across someone with a giant hip flask. I didn’t attempt a sip of whatever was in there! The dress is from h&m, you can find similar here.


Meet King Luther Banana Hammock esq (real name: Luther). Lucy and I renamed him, we felt he deserved it. This was taken on halloween at Andres Serrano’s halloween party in New York. Great halloween costume.


I LOVE Morecambe Bay’s potted shrimps. They remind me of going back to my parents, as my dad always has the fridge stocked with them when he knows I am coming. I spotted them in Whole Food on High St Kensington and had to get some! If not already, you’ve got to try them. Heated for a minute in the microwave, with a big mound of toasted wholemeal toast for dipping, yum.


I am a huge fan of studs and spikes. I saw the black heeled studded shoes and had to have them, have I worn them? No. Do I plan to wear them? Highly likely not. These have all been bought over time, so not sure they are available in store, but I checked ebay and spotted a few still.

Red boots: Zara          Black heels: Office             Cream heeled ankle boots: Zara        

Black & cream flats: Topshop          Brown heeled ankle boots: Zara


My friend Lucy invited me to the WW Gallery to see Susie Hamilton & Inguna Gremzde ‘Vacant Lots’ at the end of 2012. This was one of favourites, done by Inguna. Miniature landscape paintings in plastic bottle tops.


My mum is one of my favourite people. She is not only a best friend, someone I can tell anything to, someone I adore and love, but is basically just great. She loves the garden, like my grandad used to do, she is always checking the green house to make sure all is growing as it should. As well as the green house, she has her pond. Not just any pond, a pond she made herself.

After doing a bit of reading, she grabbed her spade and out she went to dig away (and whatever else you do to make a pond), and it is now home to the big fish Jaws (and co). Hippo sits and protects the pond, and what a fine job he does….


This is the Karim Rashid Veuve Clicquot Loveseat I’m happily sitting in. This was at a past companies stand at IFA, Berlin a few years ago, Karim did a collection for us.


Growing up, as most of us do, we go on holiday with our family. Then we reach a certain age, and it seems to stop. Once we have the freedom to do as we will, holidaying with friends seems much more fun. Five or so years ago, I started joining my family again on summer trips, whether it be for a week or a few days. Some of my best memories are from these holidays. This is a picture from a trip to Spain about 4 years ago…


My Dad is my best friend, we are so similar and he just gets me. We have had quite a few daddy, daughter trips over the years, from dad taking me to Dusseldorf to help with my German GCSE, to a trip to Paris. This is from that trip, i introduced him to Laduree….


The girls and I went to an evening in East London, near Bethnal Green, in a working mens club randomly, last summer. It was a night of dancers, tattoos, candy floss and fun.


I got my very own anchor tattoo.


Still to this day, I can’t work out what this bird was doing at a technology exhibition. I still managed to take a picture and hold it. I never saw it again for the rest of the exhibition.


This is my naughty little kitty, Daisy. When I was 11, we rescued her (well the neighbours thought she was our other cat and called us over). My my mum had to wear gardening gloves to grab her from under the neighbours car, as she was a feisty little thing. Since then, we have never looked back.


The whiskey brand, monkey shoulder hosted a ‘for one night only’, and we went along. It was an evening of whiskey and sweets (They do a selection of different themed nights). When entering you got a number of vouchers and could use them to try a selection of whiskey cocktails. They had games, whiskey and as many sweets as you could manage. I checked their website, and seems they have more coming up soon.


Watching Anna Kournikova at Wimbledon a few years ago.


This is a piece of artwork from my school days. I can’t bring myself to throw it out, yet I don’t think it will ever make it to my wall.


This is a tiny percent of my iphone collection – part 2 will come soon.

The weather has been pretty miserable the past few days in London, but lucky me, I get to escape for a week. Bright and early tomorrow I head off to Greece for a week of sailing around the islands.



See you in a week x


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