Ahoy Sailor – part 1

It has been less than 24 hours since I landed back In London, and I already have that ‘winter blues’ feeling. Partly because I left the house to people wearing coats and trousers, but mainly because I’m not in Greece anymore.

The last week has been spent sailing around the Greek Islands, and let me tell you, it is a good way to spend your time.

We started off by collecting the boat in Corfu ready to set sail, the plan was to make our way south to Antipaxos, stopping off at harbours, ports and beaches along the way (and anywhere else that took our fancy), before heading back North again….


No cars, no noise, just us, the boat and the big wide ocean….




After some time on the water, we dropped anchor and headed to land. We spent the evening at a lovely little restaurant over looking the water.


The food was delicious! I started with fresh anchovies on toasted bread with tomatoes


…..followed by fresh prawn pasta (sooo tasty).


After filling our tummies with an abundance of fresh fish and fizz, we headed back to the boat for a much needed sleep.

In the morning we headed back onto the land for a bit of exploring, but first stop, coffee (and chocolate milkshake).

I felt like I was having coffee at someones house, a chic, boho style living room….


The chocolate milkshake was good, and I loved the glass it came in…


The view from our very own private living room on the harbour wasn’t too bad either…


Caffeine and sugar loaded it was time to explore.




Something I noticed thoughout the whole trip, was the amount of cats and dogs wandering around. It did make me feel a bit sad at times, so many kittens running around for food, looking so thin. If I had my way, I would take them all home…



After a lovely wander round, it was time to head back onboard ready to set sail…


One of my favourite parts of the week, was our visit to Emerald Bay. We dropped anchor, jumped in, and made our way to the beautiful beach.



At one point, we had the beach to ourselves…



Thanks to our rubber ring and dry bag, we managed to bring this along with us….



IMG_2461 IMG_2473

After a couple of glasses of vino and some beach play, we headed back to the boat ready to set sail to our next destination……..


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