Ahoy Sailor – part 2

Leaving Emerald Bay, it was time to set sail again…..



En route to our next stop off, we passed alot of these little creatures (and some not so little!), jelly fish. We decided to wait before playing in, no one fancied being stung…


We found a nice little area by some rocks for a swim, J did what he does best and threw himself in..


I decided to jump in to (not quite so elegantly)



One of our evenings involved some dancing…of the Greek kind!


One of our final stop off’s, we jumped off the boat and went for a wander before heading back to the boat to get ready for dinner.





I managed to make a new friend, Frank (I wasn’t allowed to adopt him – but he was super friendly and very cute).


The week went so quickly, and before we knew it, it was our last evening. J and I decided to spend the day soaking up some last minute sun, and then head into Corfu Town for dinner before heading back to London.

I loved Corfu Town, so beautiful and alluring, full of narrow streets, leading off from the hustly bustly main walk ways full of shops. I have never seen so much jewellery in one place!

IMG_2554 IMG_2556


After a final evening of wine, pasta and coffee, we said good bye to a wonderful week and made our way to the airport.


This was my very first sailing experience, and to be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect. I have always stayed in hotels, and been used to packing my usual suitcase necessities for a week or two in the sunshine, or a city break. But this time was different; I was spending a week on a boat.

I was advised to take the basics, which means, not too much (no hair dryer, no curling tong, no electrical items for you hair basically…..). Well, I didn’t really listen, and packed my hair dryer and curlers! If I could offer any advice as a newby, this is it:

1. Don’t take a hair dryer or any other appliance. Not only do you have limited electricity usage, but you just don’t need it, just embrace the natural look by washing your hair and letting it dry (it is quite nice having a weeks break and my hair felt great at the end of it).

2. Take sea sickness tablets. I was ok for most of the trip, but did have one day when it was very rough, so after that, it was reassuring to have the tablets to hand.

3. Just take what you need, and take a bag (not a suitcase). You have limited space, and to be honest, you live in swimwear every day anyway. This means, no heels or fancy dresses. On most trips, I pack way more than I need, but on this trip it would just be a pain if I did.

I had a great time, and can’t wait to do it again!


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