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All you can eat – The Big Easy

I would say Monday is my least exciting day of the week – mainly because it is the first day back to work and the weekend feels like distant memory.

Yesterday was different. I had been looking forward to this Monday for ages, because it meant rib night! Not one rack of ribs, oh no no no, it meant ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ CHICKEN AND RIBS (this deserves capital letters).

We headed to the Big Easy on Kings Road – this is one of my favourite places, it is fun, loud, lively and serves the ribs smothered in bbq sauce.

We started with just a few frozen margaritas, and waited as patiently as we could for our ribs (and chicken), all served with delicious bbq beans and coleslaw.

big easy

…we didn’t have to wait too long (phew!)

big easy 2

…time to get to work

big easy 3

Not only do they have some great food, they also have a band that comes on around 8.30 ish most nights, which is always good fun.

To make things interesting, we decided to do a bit of a competition, rules are simple: Whoever eats the most ribs wins.

Now, I always thought I was pretty impressive with the amount I could eat, but I hold my hands up, I have been defeated! B managed to work his way through around 7 racks of ribs and half a chicken (doesn’t he look pleased with himself).

(You know you have done well when the table full of men next to you come and tell you how impressed they are)


For those of us who are mucky pup’s, they even provide you with a bib.

big easy bib

You’d think we would be pretty full after all this food, but as we had a birthday boy on our hands, the biggest Sunday I have ever seen just made sense, full of hot waffles, creamy ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, meringue and fruit…..

big easy 5

Check out the weekly deals they have on here – if you haven’t been already, The Big Easy is a must!


After hours at the Natural History Museum

On the last Friday of every month the Natural History Museum stays up past its usual bed time, letting you explore until 10.00pm.
I have been to the NHM plenty of times, but getting to go afterhours made it that little bit more exciting.
It was a double whammy as we had tickets to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition too.
The place was buzzing with live music, people eating and drinking, you could’ve quite easily been in a bar, but the giant dinasour skeleton hovering above you was a reminder that was not the case!
photo (32).JPG3
photo (33)
We headed to our slot at the photography exhibition, and spent 40 mintutes reading and looking, and wandering round oohing and ahhing at the absolutely amazing photography. Sadly no pictures allowed, and I’d hate to spoil it for you if you are planning a visit.
After the expo, we couldn’t resist a little visit to the dinasaurs
We had some time to kill before heading for dinner, and decided to seek out a bar for a quick drink. This is when we accidently stumbled across a new wine shop opening in South Ken, free fizz and trying out a new little wine place, why not…..
I will try and find out the name of this lovely little bar, as it was such a nice little find.
A wonderful Friday evening full of culture (and fizz!) – the wildlife photography exhibition is on until March 2014 and the late night museum is on the last Friday of every month – it’s a nice change

The Top Knot

As soon as I get home from a busy day, I always put my hair up in a top knot, I have been doing this for years, but recently I have been wearing it out like this too – so simple, and no rain or wind can ruin it!

I have pretty long hair (but it is quite fine), I basically twist by hair from root to tip, holding the base of the twisted hair to support it.


Then  I roll it round towards my head (keeping my middle finger as a central point for the hair to wrap around), and pull the tip of my twisted tail through the middle of the hair, where my finger has made a hole. hair 1 Once I have pulled my hair through, I shake my head around to make sure it feels secure.



I don’t use any hair grips, but if you have heavy hair, you may want to add some grips or even a hair band to hold it in place.


Voila – a top knot ready to go

Getting ready for winter

I am a huge fan of summer. My wardrobe is bursting with strappy dresses, and this year I saw my collection grow…

sumer dress

I thought It would be pretty emotional packing them away and saying goodbye to the summer, but I’m actually getting excited about winter. Yes, it means I will be waking up to dark, and getting home in the dark, but you know what else it means? The Autumn/Winter wardrobe makes an appearance (and it is only right to add to my collection)

The past few weeks I have done just that.

Here are a few of my recent purchases:

  1. Plum and black pumps – Primark

I love these bargain buys! I may have to go back and pick up some more.


          ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

2. Faux fur gilet – Zara basic – past season (I picked this up in a charity shop)

I have wanted one of these for soooo long, I already have a black shearling version, but I wanted a heavier one to put over a smart black coat for those super cold evenings.




3.  Faux fur stole – Zara  I can’t find the black one online anywhere, but found this colour here. I love throwing huge faux fur scarves over my leather jacket, so this was perfect.



4. Black jacket – Whistles (I also picked this up from a charity shop, just what i was looking for). The perfect coat to be able to wear my new faux fur over.




Now winter is here, my ray ban’s will be making a strong appearance, for those lovely freezing sunny days. I love the special series they do, these are from series # 3. More info here




So I can smile happily, say goodbye to my summer tan, and hello to winter and all the warm toasty clothes it brings.

Herman Ze German

I’d heard about Herman Ze German, and was desperate to give it a try.  Rumour being, they serve the best wurst…

After a busy day, I was really looking forward to a nice cold beer and a Bratwurst. (I’m off to Germany next month, so it only seemed right to get into the spirit early).

So off we trotted to Soho ready to fill our tummies….

En route I passed this little beauty.


3 2

It took me a while to decide, but I went for the beef & pork.


And a side order of pommes frites with gravy.


J went for the smokey pork (smothered in ketchup), with a side of pommes frites.


To accompany our German feast, a nice cold beer fresh from the tap.



I’ll give you it Herman Ze German – your wurst really is ze best!