After hours at the Natural History Museum

On the last Friday of every month the Natural History Museum stays up past its usual bed time, letting you explore until 10.00pm.
I have been to the NHM plenty of times, but getting to go afterhours made it that little bit more exciting.
It was a double whammy as we had tickets to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition too.
The place was buzzing with live music, people eating and drinking, you could’ve quite easily been in a bar, but the giant dinasour skeleton hovering above you was a reminder that was not the case!
photo (32).JPG3
photo (33)
We headed to our slot at the photography exhibition, and spent 40 mintutes reading and looking, and wandering round oohing and ahhing at the absolutely amazing photography. Sadly no pictures allowed, and I’d hate to spoil it for you if you are planning a visit.
After the expo, we couldn’t resist a little visit to the dinasaurs
We had some time to kill before heading for dinner, and decided to seek out a bar for a quick drink. This is when we accidently stumbled across a new wine shop opening in South Ken, free fizz and trying out a new little wine place, why not…..
I will try and find out the name of this lovely little bar, as it was such a nice little find.
A wonderful Friday evening full of culture (and fizz!) – the wildlife photography exhibition is on until March 2014 and the late night museum is on the last Friday of every month – it’s a nice change

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