Bye Bye Dry Skin – Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Anyone who suffers dry skin can understand how frustrating it can be! Especially when it is on your face.

I don’t suffer from spots, but every now and again I get dry skin, I always have – sometimes it is when I have had a bad diet, or a heavy weekend, but often it appears for no real reason.

It not only makes me feel a little conscious, but can be a bit itchy and also affects how I wear my make-up.

In December I got quite a bad outbreak of dry skin, so I decided I needed drastic measures I don’t spend a massive amount of cosmetics, but I had heard good things about this Kiehl’s oil, so decided it was worth the £36.


I did think it seemed like quite a small bottle for the price, but as you only need a few drops each time you use it, It will last a good few months.

How do I use it? I tend to wash my face, cleanse and tone, then drop around 3 – 4 drops directly onto my face and massage in. I admit, it didn’t feel like I had anything on my skin really, but the next morning my face felt so hydrated, and (touch wood), I haven’t suffered from any dry skin since I have used it, and my skin generally looks and feels hydrated and soft.


I don’t think I will go back, a good little investment.


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