Homemade Sushi & Fizz Friday

Life has been pretty busy recently, so when I was invited to join a night in with fizz & sushi, how could I resist?

We started on the sofa, cracking open the fizz and popping in a hibiscus flower with little syrup (if you haven’t tried this, you need do…..it adds a little something to your already lovely fizz. You can get them from here)



I can’t take too much credit as B did most of the work. He prepared the food ready for the sushi making fun to begin. We opted for avocado, cucumber, crab, raw tuna & shrimp. We also had some wasabi and ginger at the ready.




Once the rice was ready, we could begin…..

We started by placing the wooden sushi roller in place, adding a piece of seaweed paper on top. Using a spoon, we layered some sushi rice on to the paper and spread a thin (ish) later over the seaweed paper.

The rice is different to the usual rice bought, here is an example of the sort you need. You can also get the seaweed paper and any other bits from most supermarkets – it may even be worth getting a kit.


It is then time to add your filling. Once you have done this, roll over and tuck the paper under, using the roller to roll back and forth (like a rolling pin) until you get to the end and the sea weed paper has come full circle.






When we cut it, we found it made life easier dipping the knife in water and wiping…it prevented any sticking.


Once B had shown us how it was done, it was our turn. Jess and I got started, deep in concentration…..


I went for tuna & avocado – let me tell you, it was very tasty (if I don’t say so myself).



I went to bed with a belly full of sushi! We made a lot of sushi, but we didn’t have much left by the end of the evening. A great Friday night in.


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