A fish feast at Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

J and I had date night last night – it was perfect timing as work has been really busy, so a glass of wine and some good food was needed.

We decided to go to Bentleys Oyster Bar & Grill, on Swallow Lane (just off the hustle and bustle of Regents Street, and literally next door to Gaucho).

You can pick between which room you want to dine in, each menu being slightly different – we went for the Grill.

When we arrived, we got whisked through the bar (you can just pop along to Bentleys for oysters & fizz if you fancy), and up the stairs to the much quieter grill restaurant area. Quite an old fashioned style, but in a lovely elegant kind of way.

Now the important part, the food…

I found this part so hard, as I liked so much on the menu. I nearly went for dressed crab to start, but was advised it was a lot for one person, and I wanted to save room for main (I am getting so sensible in my old age!

bentley 1

So I went for the oysters to start – upon recommendation from the waiter, the West Mersea oysters.

bentley 2

They were really fresh and tasty, and three was just the right amount.

J went for the Pot of Wild Cornish Mussels (he seemed to enjoy them)

bentley 3

Now for the main – I tend to do food research when I know I am going somewhere (aka go online in the day and check out the menu), so I already knew what I wanted.

I went for the Royal Fish Pie lobster, scallop, haddock, tiger prawn with a side of Vine Tomato & Basil – let me tell you, it was amazing. At first I thought It looked a little small, but after eating it, I was so full.

bentley 4

bentley 6

J went for the Seared Scallops with Cider Poached Pork Belly, Fennel & Apple and a side of home made chips. I had a little food envy, but you can’t have it all.

bentley 5

And although I didn’t have much room left, and I was having dinner with a non cheese lover (I know, I still have to pinch myself that this is even true, someone who doesn’t like cheese), I went for the cheeseboard…..all to myself.

bentley 7

A really good amount of cheese and all very tasty (I didn’t manage to finish it, but would certainly give myself 10 out of 10 for trying)

J went for the crème brulee, I had a little taste, and it was delicious

bentley 8

If you are looking for a lovely fish restaurant in London, do it! I want to try the oyster and fizz bar next time……


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