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New York City Tartan

Anyone who knows me, will know I have a big place in my heart for New York City. It is full of fond memories, from family holidays, to interning and fun with friends.

So when my Mum sent me a bag of goodies, and this was included, I was over the moon.


‘The tartan has been created to celebrate Tartan Day April 6th 2002 in New York City on the occasion of the greatest parade of pipes and drums yet seen. The tartan depicts the colourings of the streets and buildings of the city. With the green sections representing Central Park. The two black stripes are to honour the memory of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, with the blue section recognising the island of Manhattan surrounded by the Hudson, Harlem & East Rivers.


It is no accident that these colours also depict those worn by the Celtic nations represented in the world wide pipe band fraternity participating in tunes of glory in New York City and so significantly the gold/brown stripe also recognises the involvement of Americas Gilda’s Club Cancer Charity, who with the Marie Curie Cancer Fund in the UK were major recipients of the funds raised at the event.’


I can’t wait to start wearing it (and with this weather, I don’t think I need to wait very long)

I’m not sure if you can still buy these, but perhaps visit:


Flash Back Post – Japan

Call me crazy, but a few years a go I went to Japan….for the weekend.

It is the longest flight I have ever been on…but oh it was worth it. I managed a few (ok well maybe more than a few) glasses of fizz to calm the nerves, the lucky man seated next to me got 13 hours of chat and the 4 magazines I took to read didn’t even get touched – all in all a good flight.

Any how, back to Japan. So here we go, flash back to three fun days and a wonderful memory in photo form.


391020_10151011367685004_1018080154_n 392301_10151011365615004_2057080873_n


























Foxy Cookies

I promise I don’t have an obsession with foxes!

I thought I would do a quick share of the fox cookies I made for the baby shower. They are soooo quick and easy to make ……icing Is a little tougher! I got my inspiration from pinterest where I saw the design.


– 500g of plain flour

– 250g unsalted butter

– 140g icing sugar

–  2  tablespoons of milk (you may need to add a drop more)

– 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

What to do

Pre heat the oven to 160 C (or gas mark 2)

Quite simply, add your flour, butter, icing sugar together and rub together with fingers to create a breadcrumb texture. Then add your milk and vanilla essence to create a mixture that sticks together.

Now the fun bit

Throw some flour on your surface, and your rolling pin, and roll out your dough. Make sure you use star cutters to cut out your shapes and pop in the over for around 13 minutes.

Once they are ready, let them cool for a while and then you are ready to ice! This is the tricky part. I used Dr. Oetker Gel Food Colour in Neon Orange (you can buy here) for the head area. I used pre made white icing for the bottom of the face (you can buy here), pre made black icing for the nose and eyes (you can buy here) and I mixed a bit of red icing in with the orange for the ears.

I didn’t manage to take any step by step pictures but hopefully this explains it a little…..

Fox shapes

1. Draw out your lighter orange main area of the foxy face and then fill (leaving space for the ears)

2. Use you white icing to cover the bottom area of your foxy face

3. Let your icing dry a little and then add your ear icing

4. Leave all to dry a little longer and add your nose and eyes

foxy cookie 1

foxy shapes cookies

foxy final

And woila! They are ready to eat

A foxy baby shower

2014 is a pretty exciting year for me. Not only is one of my oldest friends getting married, but I have a year of new arrivals.

With one of my best friends expecting very soon, we held a surprise baby shower for her at the weekend.

Giggling and whispering, we all hid waiting for our mummy to be to arrive, surprising her when she walked in (in a calming a way as possible, we didn’t want to start the labour!)

Now you may wonder why I have titled this post ‘A foxy baby shower’. Well our lovely Stephy has a couple of foxy baby items in her nursery, so we ran with that. I even made some foxy cookies (recipe here).


The talented Victoria (also a mummy to be) made some exiting treats for the day too.







After filling our tummies with treats, cups of tea & fizz it was time for presents. We got Stephy to sit down ready to begin (doesn’t our mummy to be look fabulous!)


We even had a little helper for the presents in the form of Stephy’s niece.





We had lot’s of happy tears.




After lot’s of lovely presents, it was time for games, and what a selection we had….thanks to our head of games, Miss Smith 😉

From ‘Guess the size of the bump’


‘Guess the baby picture’ – we all had to take a baby picture and guess who was who. Guess who this cheeky little monkey is?


To ‘Guess the chocolate’ – we melted different chocolates into new born nappies and people had to guess through smell. It was pretty funny watching people smell nappies!


And finally, ‘Guess the baby food’ – this was a tough one. They have Caribbean style pork in baby food form!



What a lovely day with fabulous friends. I just can’t wait for a new member of our group to arrive. Hurry up baby Cartmell, I want to meet you!