Foxy Cookies

I promise I don’t have an obsession with foxes!

I thought I would do a quick share of the fox cookies I made for the baby shower. They are soooo quick and easy to make ……icing Is a little tougher! I got my inspiration from pinterest where I saw the design.


– 500g of plain flour

– 250g unsalted butter

– 140g icing sugar

–  2  tablespoons of milk (you may need to add a drop more)

– 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

What to do

Pre heat the oven to 160 C (or gas mark 2)

Quite simply, add your flour, butter, icing sugar together and rub together with fingers to create a breadcrumb texture. Then add your milk and vanilla essence to create a mixture that sticks together.

Now the fun bit

Throw some flour on your surface, and your rolling pin, and roll out your dough. Make sure you use star cutters to cut out your shapes and pop in the over for around 13 minutes.

Once they are ready, let them cool for a while and then you are ready to ice! This is the tricky part. I used Dr. Oetker Gel Food Colour in Neon Orange (you can buy here) for the head area. I used pre made white icing for the bottom of the face (you can buy here), pre made black icing for the nose and eyes (you can buy here) and I mixed a bit of red icing in with the orange for the ears.

I didn’t manage to take any step by step pictures but hopefully this explains it a little…..

Fox shapes

1. Draw out your lighter orange main area of the foxy face and then fill (leaving space for the ears)

2. Use you white icing to cover the bottom area of your foxy face

3. Let your icing dry a little and then add your ear icing

4. Leave all to dry a little longer and add your nose and eyes

foxy cookie 1

foxy shapes cookies

foxy final

And woila! They are ready to eat


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