New York City Tartan

Anyone who knows me, will know I have a big place in my heart for New York City. It is full of fond memories, from family holidays, to interning and fun with friends.

So when my Mum sent me a bag of goodies, and this was included, I was over the moon.


‘The tartan has been created to celebrate Tartan Day April 6th 2002 in New York City on the occasion of the greatest parade of pipes and drums yet seen. The tartan depicts the colourings of the streets and buildings of the city. With the green sections representing Central Park. The two black stripes are to honour the memory of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, with the blue section recognising the island of Manhattan surrounded by the Hudson, Harlem & East Rivers.


It is no accident that these colours also depict those worn by the Celtic nations represented in the world wide pipe band fraternity participating in tunes of glory in New York City and so significantly the gold/brown stripe also recognises the involvement of Americas Gilda’s Club Cancer Charity, who with the Marie Curie Cancer Fund in the UK were major recipients of the funds raised at the event.’


I can’t wait to start wearing it (and with this weather, I don’t think I need to wait very long)

I’m not sure if you can still buy these, but perhaps visit:


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