Healthy drinking – my new toy

I finally did it, I ordered my very own Nutribullet. In attempt to bring the summer body back, extra exercise and daily smoothies are happening.

It is such an easy and quick way of getting lot’s of goodness crammed into a tasty drink.

I find It easier chopping up all my fruit and freezing it. This means you have an ice cold drink minus having to add any ice. I even freeze my kale and spinach.

photo 1 (4)

photo 5

Now time to start making. I add all my ingredient (starting with veg at the bottom). I like adding strawberries, banana and a couple of blackberries.

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)

photo 4 (3)

To finish, I add a tea spoon and a half of flax seed and a teaspoon of green superfood (you have to be really careful adding this as it doesn’t taste nice, too much and it stands out in the drink).

photo 2 (4) photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4)

Top up with a bit of cold water, and time to blend.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 2 (2) ready to drink 🙂


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