The Dulux Color Run – a colourful time

“Are you ready for the craziest, colorful, 5k of your life?”

“Yes, yes I am!”

The Color Run™ event is described as a one of a kind experience, which I have to agree with.

Think an over zealous artist meets a Sunday morning run.

My friend I had put our running shoes on and set off to Wembley Park.


colour 2

We started off looking so fresh and clean.

colour   16

Every 1k we experienced a mist of paint, cheers and general mayhem, all whilst running. Nuts but brilliant.

colour 11

I was determined to finish the run resembling a rainbow.

On the first 1k I sprinted through the area with my arms in the air and mouth wide open.

I would highly recommend you don’t do this as a) your teeth and mouth change colour b) powder paint and saliva don’t mix well and c) sprinting with your eyes closed, through a crowd of paint throwers won’t end well, unless you are lucky and can run in a straight line (I can’t).

After the first k, I toned it down a bit (mainly because I didn’t want to hurt myself or others!) and was happy with my end rainbow result.

colour 14

A cheeky selfie along the way.

colour 10

colour 12

colour 15


At the end of the run, you are handed a goody bag with yet more powder paint. Everyone makes their way to the stage, where an array of different coloured powders are thrown around to music.

We chose our own little area and had a paint fight, such fun!


colour 9

You don’t need to be a runner to do this. Grab your friends and go do it, you will love it! The next London run is in September at the Olympic Park. But you can find out all you need to here








5 thoughts on “The Dulux Color Run – a colourful time

  1. Nathan Ledward


    How did your shoes survive this?

    I am looking to do this but not sure if I should wear and ruin my good runners?


    1. little8ird Post author

      Hey. My shoes were fine afterwards. It’s powder paint, so eventually comes off (unless it gets wet, so perhaps don’t wear them if it’s raining). Good luck! It’s great fun 🙂

      1. Nathan Ledward

        Ah ok……I thought it would ruin them!

        So my new sneaks it is!!!!!

        BTW I love yours, where did you get them from?


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