Borrow my doggy – Best decision I made!

I’m sure so many people are in the same position as me. Live in London, in a flat, want a dog, but work full time and can’t quite commit to it.

I’d heard of borrow-my-doggy, but it was one of those things I said I’d join, but was a bit unsure.

After an evening of getting really dog broody, I just went for it! It felt kind of like online dating (replace men with dogs!), searching through dogs in my area and then messaging them! 

After a few days, a lovely owner made contact, needing someone to look after her gorgeous pug. Here he is, the handsome devil.

 I’ve since looked after another gorgeous little pug, and most recently  I’ve been looking after a handsome minature daschund. Just look at him, he’s a pro at the selfie shot.

 I’d definitely recommend signing up. Not only do you get to spend time with some gorgeous doggys, but as an owner, you know you’re leaving your lovely pup with people who really love dogs and will shower them with attention.

Let me know if you go for it, and share some pictures!


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