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Healthy drinking – my new toy

I finally did it, I ordered my very own Nutribullet. In attempt to bring the summer body back, extra exercise and daily smoothies are happening.

It is such an easy and quick way of getting lot’s of goodness crammed into a tasty drink.

I find It easier chopping up all my fruit and freezing it. This means you have an ice cold drink minus having to add any ice. I even freeze my kale and spinach.

photo 1 (4)

photo 5

Now time to start making. I add all my ingredient (starting with veg at the bottom). I like adding strawberries, banana and a couple of blackberries.

photo 1 (3) photo 2 (3)

photo 4 (3)

To finish, I add a tea spoon and a half of flax seed and a teaspoon of green superfood (you have to be really careful adding this as it doesn’t taste nice, too much and it stands out in the drink).

photo 2 (4) photo 3 (4) photo 4 (4)

Top up with a bit of cold water, and time to blend.

photo 2 photo 4 photo 2 (2) ready to drink 🙂


Betty Blythe Brunch

On Saturday, I got up bright & early ready to meet my lovely friend Ali. I booked us into a belated birthday brunch for her at Betty Blythe, a cute little vintage tea room near Kensington Olympia.

Once we arrived, we got to choose a juice and then the lovely lady escorted us downstairs to our very own private tea room full of all things fancy dress.





After a quick search through all the options, we were pretty restricted and stuck to head pieces. It was time for the important part, the eating. It was lovely, we started with a juice and got to choose from a wide selection of teas (I also took a bottle of fizz along, you just need to pay a small corkage fee).




After the fizz had been opened, and the tea served (I had 3 drinks on the go by this point!). We got a choice of croissants – possible the biggest I have seen. Followed by Greek yoghurt & muesli, and finished with toast and jam.


I had been feeling a little under the weather leading up to this, but the fizz and tea certainly helped. I wish I could’ve taken this pink headband home.


After leaving Ali, I headed home for some rest and then for a wander around Hyde Park in the sunshine for some much needed fresh air. Sadly I went downhill from here and my cold well and truly took over. But the vintage brunch was a lovely treat for the weekend and I would highly recommend it. You can also pop in for breakfast or opt for afternoon tea. It is a great option for something a little different.


Here is to next weekend, a little trip to Poland (and hopefully minus the cold!)

Foxy Cookies

I promise I don’t have an obsession with foxes!

I thought I would do a quick share of the fox cookies I made for the baby shower. They are soooo quick and easy to make ……icing Is a little tougher! I got my inspiration from pinterest where I saw the design.


– 500g of plain flour

– 250g unsalted butter

– 140g icing sugar

–  2  tablespoons of milk (you may need to add a drop more)

– 2 teaspoons vanilla essence

What to do

Pre heat the oven to 160 C (or gas mark 2)

Quite simply, add your flour, butter, icing sugar together and rub together with fingers to create a breadcrumb texture. Then add your milk and vanilla essence to create a mixture that sticks together.

Now the fun bit

Throw some flour on your surface, and your rolling pin, and roll out your dough. Make sure you use star cutters to cut out your shapes and pop in the over for around 13 minutes.

Once they are ready, let them cool for a while and then you are ready to ice! This is the tricky part. I used Dr. Oetker Gel Food Colour in Neon Orange (you can buy here) for the head area. I used pre made white icing for the bottom of the face (you can buy here), pre made black icing for the nose and eyes (you can buy here) and I mixed a bit of red icing in with the orange for the ears.

I didn’t manage to take any step by step pictures but hopefully this explains it a little…..

Fox shapes

1. Draw out your lighter orange main area of the foxy face and then fill (leaving space for the ears)

2. Use you white icing to cover the bottom area of your foxy face

3. Let your icing dry a little and then add your ear icing

4. Leave all to dry a little longer and add your nose and eyes

foxy cookie 1

foxy shapes cookies

foxy final

And woila! They are ready to eat

A fish feast at Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

J and I had date night last night – it was perfect timing as work has been really busy, so a glass of wine and some good food was needed.

We decided to go to Bentleys Oyster Bar & Grill, on Swallow Lane (just off the hustle and bustle of Regents Street, and literally next door to Gaucho).

You can pick between which room you want to dine in, each menu being slightly different – we went for the Grill.

When we arrived, we got whisked through the bar (you can just pop along to Bentleys for oysters & fizz if you fancy), and up the stairs to the much quieter grill restaurant area. Quite an old fashioned style, but in a lovely elegant kind of way.

Now the important part, the food…

I found this part so hard, as I liked so much on the menu. I nearly went for dressed crab to start, but was advised it was a lot for one person, and I wanted to save room for main (I am getting so sensible in my old age!

bentley 1

So I went for the oysters to start – upon recommendation from the waiter, the West Mersea oysters.

bentley 2

They were really fresh and tasty, and three was just the right amount.

J went for the Pot of Wild Cornish Mussels (he seemed to enjoy them)

bentley 3

Now for the main – I tend to do food research when I know I am going somewhere (aka go online in the day and check out the menu), so I already knew what I wanted.

I went for the Royal Fish Pie lobster, scallop, haddock, tiger prawn with a side of Vine Tomato & Basil – let me tell you, it was amazing. At first I thought It looked a little small, but after eating it, I was so full.

bentley 4

bentley 6

J went for the Seared Scallops with Cider Poached Pork Belly, Fennel & Apple and a side of home made chips. I had a little food envy, but you can’t have it all.

bentley 5

And although I didn’t have much room left, and I was having dinner with a non cheese lover (I know, I still have to pinch myself that this is even true, someone who doesn’t like cheese), I went for the cheeseboard…..all to myself.

bentley 7

A really good amount of cheese and all very tasty (I didn’t manage to finish it, but would certainly give myself 10 out of 10 for trying)

J went for the crème brulee, I had a little taste, and it was delicious

bentley 8

If you are looking for a lovely fish restaurant in London, do it! I want to try the oyster and fizz bar next time……

Homemade Sushi & Fizz Friday

Life has been pretty busy recently, so when I was invited to join a night in with fizz & sushi, how could I resist?

We started on the sofa, cracking open the fizz and popping in a hibiscus flower with little syrup (if you haven’t tried this, you need do… adds a little something to your already lovely fizz. You can get them from here)



I can’t take too much credit as B did most of the work. He prepared the food ready for the sushi making fun to begin. We opted for avocado, cucumber, crab, raw tuna & shrimp. We also had some wasabi and ginger at the ready.




Once the rice was ready, we could begin…..

We started by placing the wooden sushi roller in place, adding a piece of seaweed paper on top. Using a spoon, we layered some sushi rice on to the paper and spread a thin (ish) later over the seaweed paper.

The rice is different to the usual rice bought, here is an example of the sort you need. You can also get the seaweed paper and any other bits from most supermarkets – it may even be worth getting a kit.


It is then time to add your filling. Once you have done this, roll over and tuck the paper under, using the roller to roll back and forth (like a rolling pin) until you get to the end and the sea weed paper has come full circle.






When we cut it, we found it made life easier dipping the knife in water and wiping…it prevented any sticking.


Once B had shown us how it was done, it was our turn. Jess and I got started, deep in concentration…..


I went for tuna & avocado – let me tell you, it was very tasty (if I don’t say so myself).



I went to bed with a belly full of sushi! We made a lot of sushi, but we didn’t have much left by the end of the evening. A great Friday night in.

All you can eat – The Big Easy

I would say Monday is my least exciting day of the week – mainly because it is the first day back to work and the weekend feels like distant memory.

Yesterday was different. I had been looking forward to this Monday for ages, because it meant rib night! Not one rack of ribs, oh no no no, it meant ALL YOU CAN EAT BBQ CHICKEN AND RIBS (this deserves capital letters).

We headed to the Big Easy on Kings Road – this is one of my favourite places, it is fun, loud, lively and serves the ribs smothered in bbq sauce.

We started with just a few frozen margaritas, and waited as patiently as we could for our ribs (and chicken), all served with delicious bbq beans and coleslaw.

big easy

…we didn’t have to wait too long (phew!)

big easy 2

…time to get to work

big easy 3

Not only do they have some great food, they also have a band that comes on around 8.30 ish most nights, which is always good fun.

To make things interesting, we decided to do a bit of a competition, rules are simple: Whoever eats the most ribs wins.

Now, I always thought I was pretty impressive with the amount I could eat, but I hold my hands up, I have been defeated! B managed to work his way through around 7 racks of ribs and half a chicken (doesn’t he look pleased with himself).

(You know you have done well when the table full of men next to you come and tell you how impressed they are)


For those of us who are mucky pup’s, they even provide you with a bib.

big easy bib

You’d think we would be pretty full after all this food, but as we had a birthday boy on our hands, the biggest Sunday I have ever seen just made sense, full of hot waffles, creamy ice cream, frozen yoghurt, sorbet, meringue and fruit…..

big easy 5

Check out the weekly deals they have on here – if you haven’t been already, The Big Easy is a must!

Herman Ze German

I’d heard about Herman Ze German, and was desperate to give it a try.  Rumour being, they serve the best wurst…

After a busy day, I was really looking forward to a nice cold beer and a Bratwurst. (I’m off to Germany next month, so it only seemed right to get into the spirit early).

So off we trotted to Soho ready to fill our tummies….

En route I passed this little beauty.


3 2

It took me a while to decide, but I went for the beef & pork.


And a side order of pommes frites with gravy.


J went for the smokey pork (smothered in ketchup), with a side of pommes frites.


To accompany our German feast, a nice cold beer fresh from the tap.



I’ll give you it Herman Ze German – your wurst really is ze best!