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Borrow my doggy – Best decision I made!

I’m sure so many people are in the same position as me. Live in London, in a flat, want a dog, but work full time and can’t quite commit to it.

I’d heard of borrow-my-doggy, but it was one of those things I said I’d join, but was a bit unsure.

After an evening of getting really dog broody, I just went for it! It felt kind of like online dating (replace men with dogs!), searching through dogs in my area and then messaging them! 

After a few days, a lovely owner made contact, needing someone to look after her gorgeous pug. Here he is, the handsome devil.

 I’ve since looked after another gorgeous little pug, and most recently  I’ve been looking after a handsome minature daschund. Just look at him, he’s a pro at the selfie shot.

 I’d definitely recommend signing up. Not only do you get to spend time with some gorgeous doggys, but as an owner, you know you’re leaving your lovely pup with people who really love dogs and will shower them with attention.

Let me know if you go for it, and share some pictures!


Sunday Funday at the Saatchi Gallery

A wonderful day of catching up, cake & culture with my wonderful friend Ali.

I’ll update you on wedding creativeness and the amazing day over soon, but here’s a gorgeous wedding gift Ali made for us! Isn’t it amazing? Her work popped up throughout our wedding (I can’t wait to share the pictures and ideas I made into reality).

We’re lucky to have such a creative friend.

After a bit of shopping on Kings Road, we popped along to the Saatchi gallery (definitely worth a visit).

Don’t want to give too much away, but here are a few of my favourite.

I hear they have a Rolling Stones exhibition coming soon. Can’t wait.

…I’m back¬†

ok so I have some catching up to do. I’ve gone off radar and neglected, actually you could go as far as to say disowned my lovely little blog.

I’ve decided to make a come back! I’ve been up to quite a bit over the past few months…

I’ve also changed my name….because I got married! ūüôā More about that later in the blog.

Laurabury 2014 – what a festival.

Leaving London, we made our way to the beautiful town of Harrogate, situated in North Yorkshire. We had a festival to get to!

I heard things got pretty wild at ‘Laurabury’, so with my¬†pass, denim shorts, headband and paracetamol¬†at the ready. I was all set for ‘Laurabury 2014’.



Ok you got me. Harrogate doesn’t really hold a yearly wild festival (that I am aware of).

One of my oldest friends is getting married this year. Anyone who knows the hen and her lovely husband-to-be, will know they are huge music, gig and festival fans. Her bridesmaids organised a very special private festival and one of the chicks, Stephy, designed all the posters and passes (I have some pretty talented friends).





The festival fashion was taken pretty seriously, and our hen had her very own customised sleeveless denim gilet. Customised by another talented chick, Victoria.





After more than a few drinks, it was time for a game. In teams, we had 10 minutes to create a masterpiece, our very own wedding dress (modelled by the bridesmaid Holly). It was project runway meets blue peter.


Have you ever seen toilet roll and tin foil worn so well?



With a few sore heads the following morning, we got our hit of fresh fruit and veg to keep us going and take away any guilt of too much rum.




Bettys tea room has been around for nearly 100 years. We jumped the ever growing queue (pre-booking is a blessing!), and made our way upstairs to a spacious room full of people chatting whilst sipping tea and devouring cake.


A selection of scrumptious sandwiches, scones and cakes arrived. The pro of a waitress rattled off every single item on the stand in detail, whilst we looked on wide eyed waiting to start.

Working our way from bottom to top, a¬†lovely gentleman kept everyone’s ears entertained with a set on the piano, including¬†‘I’m getting married in the morning’!



Happily fed and watered, we got to spend time with 2 very handsome boys before making our way back to Laurabury HQ, in preparation for a night on the town.





The husband-to-be had surprised us all with a supply of bubbles. Which basically means he is responsible for any drunken behaviour and hangovers.

Quite a¬†few glasses of fizz later we had¬†a little game of Mr & Mrs. I think we all came away knowing that little bit more about both the bride and groom – I best not divulge¬†any¬†information ūüėČ


After a bit of dancing, it was time to leave Laurabury HQ and see what the bright lights of Harrogate had to offer (taking our dance moves with us of course).









What a wonderful weekend, with some lovely people. I just can’t wait for the wedding now!

Laura, you are going to be one beautiful bride.




Sunshine in Brighton

It finally happened!

After 6 years of living in London, I can finally say I have been to Brighton.

On a sunny Sunday morning we jumped on the train ready for a day of exploring.

We wandered down all the little streets Brighton had to offer. Even on a Sunday it was full of people, a real mix; families on a day out, tourists from far and near, hen parties feeling the aftermath of a big weekend.

(I was a little too caught up in exploring, tasting and watching, that I didn’t take many pictures, this is a just a little snippet).


We made our way out of the busy streets and landed on the beach.



We sat on the beach, soaking up the sun, smell of the sea and the noise of fair ground rides.


“What you looking at?”


We found the most amazing little arcade full of vintage games.










It was time to hit the pier.


A wonderful day out, not quite caught on camera.


I went home with a smile on my face and a souvenir from our success at the arcade.


The Dulux Color Run – a colourful time

“Are you ready for the craziest, colorful, 5k of your life?‚ÄĚ

“Yes, yes I am!”

The Color Run‚ĄĘ event is described as a one of a kind experience, which I have to agree with.

Think an over zealous artist meets a Sunday morning run.

My friend I had put our running shoes on and set off to Wembley Park.


colour 2

We started off looking so fresh and clean.

colour   16

Every 1k we experienced a mist of paint, cheers and general mayhem, all whilst running. Nuts but brilliant.

colour 11

I was determined to finish the run resembling a rainbow.

On the first 1k I sprinted through the area with my arms in the air and mouth wide open.

I would highly recommend you don’t do this as a)¬†your teeth and mouth change colour b) powder paint and¬†saliva don’t mix well and c) sprinting with your eyes closed, through a crowd of paint throwers won’t end well, unless you are lucky and can run in a straight line (I can’t).

After the first k, I toned it down a bit (mainly because¬†I didn’t want to hurt myself or others!) and was happy with my end rainbow result.

colour 14

A cheeky selfie along the way.

colour 10

colour 12

colour 15


At the end of the run, you are handed a goody bag with yet more powder paint. Everyone makes their way to the stage, where an array of different coloured powders are thrown around to music.

We chose our own little area and had a paint fight, such fun!


colour 9

You don’t need to be a runner to do this. Grab your friends and go do it, you will love it! The next London run is in September at the Olympic Park. But you can find out all you need to here







Betty Blythe Brunch

On Saturday, I got up bright & early ready to meet my lovely friend Ali. I booked us into a belated birthday brunch for her at Betty Blythe, a cute little vintage tea room near Kensington Olympia.

Once we arrived, we got to choose a juice and then the lovely lady escorted us downstairs to our very own private tea room full of all things fancy dress.





After a quick search through all the options, we were pretty restricted and stuck to head pieces. It was time for the important part, the eating. It was lovely, we started with a juice and got to choose from a wide selection of teas (I also took a bottle of fizz along, you just need to pay a small corkage fee).




After the fizz had been opened, and the tea served (I had 3 drinks on the go by this point!). We got a choice of croissants – possible the biggest I have seen. Followed by Greek yoghurt & muesli, and finished with toast and jam.


I had been feeling a little under the weather leading up to this, but the fizz and tea certainly helped. I wish I could’ve taken this pink headband home.


After leaving Ali, I headed home for some rest and then for a wander around Hyde Park in the sunshine for some much needed fresh air. Sadly I went downhill from here and my cold well and truly took over. But the vintage brunch was a lovely treat for the weekend and I would highly recommend it. You can also pop in for breakfast or opt for afternoon tea. It is a great option for something a little different.


Here is to next weekend, a little trip to Poland (and hopefully minus the cold!)