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Jumping in Jamaica

Sun, sea and red stripe.

Another cheeky trip to Jamaica with my gorgeous bride to be Helen.


Huge fan of my (well I actually bought them for hubby’s Christmas gift) SunGod sunglasses. You can design them yourself! And a really good price.


My mum always used to say to me, don’t give up your girls trips. She still goes away with her girls, in her early sixties.

She is totally right…if you can do it, a week or even a weekend with your girls is the best! Days dedicated to giggling, chatting randomness and sipping on cocktails is something I hope I will always do 🙂
Until next time Jamaica!


A foxy baby shower

2014 is a pretty exciting year for me. Not only is one of my oldest friends getting married, but I have a year of new arrivals.

With one of my best friends expecting very soon, we held a surprise baby shower for her at the weekend.

Giggling and whispering, we all hid waiting for our mummy to be to arrive, surprising her when she walked in (in a calming a way as possible, we didn’t want to start the labour!)

Now you may wonder why I have titled this post ‘A foxy baby shower’. Well our lovely Stephy has a couple of foxy baby items in her nursery, so we ran with that. I even made some foxy cookies (recipe here).


The talented Victoria (also a mummy to be) made some exiting treats for the day too.







After filling our tummies with treats, cups of tea & fizz it was time for presents. We got Stephy to sit down ready to begin (doesn’t our mummy to be look fabulous!)


We even had a little helper for the presents in the form of Stephy’s niece.





We had lot’s of happy tears.




After lot’s of lovely presents, it was time for games, and what a selection we had….thanks to our head of games, Miss Smith 😉

From ‘Guess the size of the bump’


‘Guess the baby picture’ – we all had to take a baby picture and guess who was who. Guess who this cheeky little monkey is?


To ‘Guess the chocolate’ – we melted different chocolates into new born nappies and people had to guess through smell. It was pretty funny watching people smell nappies!


And finally, ‘Guess the baby food’ – this was a tough one. They have Caribbean style pork in baby food form!



What a lovely day with fabulous friends. I just can’t wait for a new member of our group to arrive. Hurry up baby Cartmell, I want to meet you!

‘Roll up, roll up’ – Wonderground LIMBO

I was a lucky lady last night and got taken on a date by my lovely friend Ali.


It was the perfect date: We met at Embankment station, she handed me beautiful flowers, before whisking me off for wine and my birthday treat.


Ali had got us tickets to LIMBO at Wonderground.


l8 7

We arrived at the Southbank Centre to a buzz of people drinking, chatting, and getting excited for what was about to happen.





We made our way inside the circus tent…


Sadly, no camera’s allowed. I did plan to try and take some sneaky one’s, but I was too mesmerized by the show and forgot.

l9 l5 l2

All I can say is go and see LIMBO! It is absolutely amazing, from start to finish my mouth was open, and it went far too quickly. It was 75 minutes of musical talent, dancing, strength, moves, sitting on the edge of your seat, nail biting fun…..

This takes going to the circus to a new level,

We left the tent to a hustle of people, chatting away about everything we’d all just seen. We both agreed we needed to go for another drink.




I always love the walk along Embankment.


We made our way to a pop up bar called Propstore. It is all in the name, a bar furnished with old props from the national theatre.



We treated ourselves to some fizz, and accompanied it with a scotch egg and some chips & garlic dip.

l7 fizz

A perfect end to a perfect evening.