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Munich – A weekend of glühwein

On Friday, I packed my passport, warmest clothes, polished up on my German and jumped on a tube to Gatwick – I was off to Munich to celebrate two ladies very special birthdays.

Pre flight, I met Ali for a glass of fizz (and an essential brownie).



My star leggings seemed right for the occasion, I mean it was a weekend of celebration after all.


With Claire’s arrival to the airport, we all made our way to Munich ready to meet the rest of the group at the apartment.

After a fun Friday evening of chatting, giggling and drinking, we all wrapped up as warm as we could and made our way to the City Centre for some exporing, bratwurst & Glühwein.



All this walking really did make me hungry!


We all opted for bratwurst, and what we thought was hot potato and melted cheese (it was infact some sort of cold potato salad). I still worked my way through it quite happily.


Glühwein (or mulled wine), made quite an appearance throughout our trip – with the lack of feeling in both my toes and fingers, it really was needed. Is there a medical term for a glühwein addict?


One of the birthday girls also shared my love (infact we all did!)

wine 4

One of our group is missing from the picture – let’s just say she was feeling delicate after a rather big Friday evening (Natalie, we made sure we had a mulled wine for you).


It was around this time we lost a member of our group to a nearby christmas decoration shop. We did wonder why she kept going back (you may see one of her many purchases in the middle of our group picture….). But then we went along for ourselves and could understand why.

It was full of beautiful hand made decorations.

decorstions 3

decorations 2

xmas decorations


You may recognise the below from our group shot (we are still to confirm what they are?!), but we loved them anyway.




The shop ladies were so lovely, and we ended up walking away with a number of free items thank’s to Suzies repeat purchases!


We finally managed to tear one happy (and rather merry after the mulled wine!) birthday lady away…


We did a little more wandering around the market.

tourist sign



This may come as no suprise, but we came across a tent and decided to pop in for a hot drink.

This time, hot mulled pear and apple cider.mmmmmm

mulled cider

mulled cider with heart



It was time for a nap! So a few of us ploughed through and had a few more wines, whilst some of us headed back for a nap ready for an evening ahead.

Feeling refreshed, we made our way to the area of Maximillon for some food (and of course fizz).

Before we made it to the restaurant, we discovered an area of statues…

3 2 1


body 4 body 2

Now onto the food and fizz…..

james and suzie

The expression of James and Nat really does say it all. Possibly the biggest pizza we have ever eaten…

james pizza


Sadly, Sunday was our last day in Munich. Ali and I decided to go and see the Andy Warhol exhibition. En route, we managed to explore a little more of what Munich has to offer….


lion 2



Goodbye for now Munich – you have been great – hopefully we will meet again soon.